4 best iPad applications for corporate events in 2018

Technology is the best, crucial and essential ingredient to use in the corporate world of today. Not only it enables effective communication between the employees but also makes the workplace more productive. Communication is the backbone of success for any company and the need increases manifold when we are on the run and need to take care of business remotely. Corporate events and professional events also require the use of technology to bring productivity, interactivity and better ROI. But thanks to the tech world that has provided gadgets for each of corporate problem. Tablets and Apple’s iPad also have a great impact on the workplaces and business fairs and occasions. The biggest advantage of these devices is that we can use them anywhere and anytime remotely. But these power hubs of processing and feature also require an application to power them perform the relevant task. Thankfully, both Android and iOS offer PlayStore and AppStore providing access to the millions of free and paid applications from different vendors. There are plenty of business and event management applications out there and you might get choice of your own with little to no cost. Here we will list 4 top applications that are a must have with iPad rentals for corporate events.


boxAre you leveraging the power of Audio-visual rental for your next business gathering? Are you planning to use tablets or specifically iPad? Buying is certainly is not an option when you have a large conference ahead. Saving corporate data on the go and when in the events is essential but there’s a need for something that could save the data with safety and security as you do have access to the server or PC. The box is an online cloud storage tool that provides an option to upload and save important business data from any device or location. All you need is to login with your email and password and you have access to all the saved files and also can save the new ones. Most AV renters allow customers to feature applications of their own choice, so you can easily ask them to load the models with this application and enjoy the party. Box provides 10GB of free storage for new users; also you can upgrade to get bigger storage. Though there are other applications that provide the same facilities and specs, the main edge of Box is that it provides tons of business features and enables to professionally manage the files. It also provides built-in PDF, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers.


The presentation is the backbone and essential part of any conference, trade show or business meeting. SildeShark provides professional outfits with best presentation sharing and presenting features. A properly aligned layout, neat and tidy display is the symbol for the application. It is used by a number of professional outfits worldwide. The biggest benefit is that anyone can download this application free of cost from the Apple AppStore. Power your next meeting, conference or sales presentation with SlideShark and get the stream of leads flowing your way.

Genius Scan+:

This is probably the only iPad document scanner application. It is a must-have if you want to save multiple copies of your meeting agenda, event objectives or any other form of the important document. The application lets you take snaps, save multiple copies of important documents and scan different documents. The app also lets covert the scanned documents into JPEG and PDF format.

MS Office:

Taking notes during the meeting, conference, presentation of product launch event was never been so easy before Microsoft’s Office suite. The iPad application for MS office allows sharing the same file across all Microsoft properties. The AirPrint is another best feature to get documents printed easily.

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