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5 Key Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Smartphones possess smarter capabilities than the average mobile phone. As well as making and receiving texts and calls they are now capable of accessing the web, multimedia entertainment, games etc. In essence, they are very much mini computers only they are more portable and can fit into your pocket! What more could you want?

Smartphones graced the market about 20 years ago as the better alternative to mobile phones which as mentioned before carry the primary job to communicate through texts and calls. Smartphones today have way more of a purpose. They can be used as a camera and a music and video streaming device.

But the real question is, how will they develop in the future? Have they not already reached their full potential? It is very hard to predict exactly how the smartphone will evolve but by observing the current trends and making educated assumptions we have come up with a few of the ways the smartphone will develop.

  1. Flexible Screens
    Smartphones have really increased in size since the first one. It may be the case where smartphones become even bigger in order to watch videos and play games. Screens will perhaps become thinner and a lot more flexible so they can be moved around in a swivel motion so you can show your friends whilst using the other as a control. With such a physical flexibility for smartphones users will have more to play with.
  2. In Built Projector
    If flexible screens are not good enough for you, you may wish to opt for an integrated projector within your smart phone. But, you may be thinking, what good will this do? Well with the future smartphones becoming even more interactive it will in theory be a gaming console without the need for a TV screen. Of course something like this may drain your phones battery life with the amount of light being used and the constant streaming of videos. This may be where a branded power banks may come in handy but with better technology, battery life could be a thing of the past in the future.
  3. 3D Screens and Holograms
    Sounds awesome right, but what are the chances? Even with Apple’s great retina display providing a resolution that is sharper than the human eye can see we still want more. Mobile campaigns are moving from 2D features to 3D future features. There are already a couple of 3D screens on the market but what will happen after 3D?


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