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How Corporate Offices can Save Space and Energy

It’s important to use the space in your office adequately, nowadays you are more likely to use your workplace in more of a creative sense. With times changing retailers are attempting to make use of space. People counting sensors have been helping massive retailers and identifying the most popular areas of the stores for years.…
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Guest Post: The Benefits of Effective Office Space Design

Office design and layout is important, although it’s something that is often overlooked, but it is something that can affect your employees for better or for worse. Before you even consider moving any furniture, you should think about the types of tasks your employees will be performing. A good office is a happy, functional one.…
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The Advantage of Placing the Right Logistics Professional in the Right Role

The face of the logistics and supply chain sector is changing. These changes are making the need for logistics professionals more and more pressing. Establishing the right credentials for a candidate from the get go can help avoid damaging delays and mistakes later on down the line. Many recruitment professionals in the logistics sector have…
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The Importance of Insurance

Shops and businesses of all kinds need insurance to protect them from many things from theft to damage. Tattoo studios face a lot more risks than general stores, as the risk extends to events that may occur after the tattoo services have been carried out. Tattoo insurance can cover things such as infection or injury. Many…
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