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Challenges Facing The Market Research Industry

With the rapid developments in technology, every industry must find new ways to educate and innovate themselves in order to survive in this digital age. However, there are a number of challenges facing these industries that are not aiding the innovation process. The market research industry is included in this. In 2016, there have been several important issues that are affecting the market research industry.

GRIT recently carried out a survey that asked market research professionals the question: “What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing market research in 2015?’’. Their responses are outlined below include some common themes including communication and methodology. Moving into the future, all industries including market research have some changes to make. Industry insiders trust that the forecasts in greater data sources will essentially outshine the challenges in the long run. This infographic from Surveygoo

summarises some of the most prevalent challenges that researchers have found within the industry in recent years. As you’ll see in the infographic, the most predominant challenges that market research professionals have cited are related to impactful reporting, technology and data management. In addition to this, the infographic also details the role that market research professionals and companies might take in the future. To find out all the details, let’s take a look at the below infographic!




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