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Ease Employee Stress and Increase Accuracy

Employee sickness can severely impact the overall performance of a business, a specific team and a department. Workplace stress has been revealed as one of the most common reasons individuals are seeking sick notes from their general practitioner. Research conducted by the Health and Safety Executive found that workplace stress totalled a loss of 9.9 million working days. The financial implications of this amount of employee absence can have serious ramifications for companies in multiple sectors.

Therefore, it makes sense for employers to introduce methods that will ease day to day stress for their staff members. There are various ways to ease stress in the work place including; reassigning tasks, recruiting new team members, and setting up an occupational health helpline. Ensuring that a business keeps up with the latest technological advances, and obtains the necessary equipment to perform tasks efficiently can also ease the day to day stress that many employees can face. In addition to this, Northampton Payroll services can also relieve companies from many of the HR functions a business needs to handle.

Payroll can often take up a large chunk of time, as the task must be carried out with complete accuracy, as well as be completed to a specific deadline. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to outsource their payroll to specialist companies. Northampton payroll services offer high levels of accuracy, and this achievement is a distinct advantage to outsourcing payroll. Assigning tasks such as payroll to specialist companies, rather than to staff members who have their own tasks to manage throughout the day, can improve the efficiency of your payroll, as well as release the burden from your employees.

Companies that specialise in handling payroll often conduct thorough research in to the business they will conduct this task for, and consequently have a thorough understanding of the working practices of the company. In addition to this, it is very easy for specialist companies to spot any discrepancies in payroll, and rectify these before they cause a problem. Payroll services will often handle the production of any necessary P45 and P60 forms, reliving a company of large amounts of paperwork and filing.


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