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Guest Post: How To Design The Perfect Office Space

When designing their office space, business owners need to create an environment that facilitates productivity and functionality. Employees need a working environment that encourages interaction between co-workers, but also creates enough independent space to allow for daily routines to continue without interruption. This means mapping out the place of business, so that it is makes effective use of space and dimensions. Each workplace environment needs to organize itself spatially, so that it creates the most productive and functional areas for employees to do their jobs.


There are three major areas that need to be mapped out within any workplace; the physical layout, the flow of employee access, and the office furniture choices. Each of these is a key component to making an office or any business space have the proper energy. Your workplace environment is contingent on all three of these areas being well thought out, planned and created for your employees.


So let us see how to create these three things for any workplace easily and consider what the best options are for designing the perfect office spaces today. And yes, any office space can aspire to a perfect design, if you give some conscious thought and time to designing a perfect space for your needs, but also the needs of your employees.


A proper physical layout includes all areas of the building or business space.


This means making sure that all employees are comfortable at their individual work areas, while having some necessary privacy and space for all needed work equipment must be the priority. Try to divide up the actual physical layout as equally as possible, especially when it comes to areas that actual human beings will be working, sitting and stationed at throughout the daily shifts. Any shared equipment like copiers, printers or networking devices should be assigned their own unique and accessible area of the work environment. Individual space within a company is a must for employees to be productive on a daily basis.


Employee access to all areas must have a simple and even flow.


No area of your work environment should be blocked or obstructed, or else it will cause workers to get interrupted and cause traffic jams when employees are moving around the business space. Everything needs to have its place, every employee needs to have an accessible work space and all areas should be accessible without standing in line or being held up by waiting to access the area. This maybe simple enough in theory, but often office and business accessibility ends up being a primary thing that must be reorganized to create

the most productive and functional working space design.


Finally, all office spaces need to consider their office furniture choices.


The right furniture can make an office fully functional overnight, even with just a few key choices that fill the needs for employees and managerial staff. If there are private meeting areas or other separations from the main workplace environment, then these areas need to have office furniture that is new, attractive and comfortable. Any waiting areas for clients and customers should also have nice, clean and relaxing choices of chairs, couches or desks. Office furniture is often, the first and last impression left on a potential business entity, so don’t skimp when it comes to making good office furniture choices.


After tackling these primary areas, the rest should start falling into place much easier. Very often, the root problem is that no one has ever attempted or finished organizing an office or business space. Most of the time, there is nothing keeping this organizational norm from happening, but the lack of enthusiasm from the workers brings down employee morale. If possible, it is simpler to instill employee morale by providing an idea or experience that gets them to do the job, but as part of a personal experimentation test.


Offering rewards and advancement can be made easier by giving someone that deserves it, his or her own desk, let alone their own cubicle or actual office. All these and other ideas should go into planning the design of a perfect office space. Without too much blood, sweat and turmoil, it can be a project that is rewarding and fulfilling for everyone involved, as a workplace community or within local regional communities. Now that you have a few new ideas to consider, take time to make an action plan that includes getting your work environment back to something that motivates people who work at the office or business together.


The best thing is that designing that perfect space will be an ongoing effort, one that changes all the time. But once your office space gets a real makeover, the results will be amazing or better in most all scenarios. Good luck and have fun designing your perfect office space soon.


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