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How and Why are Shops Now Using Digital Signage?

With the huge surge in popularity of smartphones, customers are becoming more tech savvy and are more drawn to digital and touch screen signage rather than traditional print, poster style signage.

Shops use digital signage to connect with their customers, and are now using interactive devices in key ‘hot spot’ areas of the shop or animated shopping centre signage. These can be used in a number of ways;

Attracting Customers

Double the number of consumers engage with high street shop window advertising when the retailer uses digital content. With online shopping increasing in popularity, it is important for shops to attract as many customers into the store as possible and to maximise the in store experience. Stores can do this by using signage such as motion sensor advertising.

Market research

Companies can gather important market research from their customers by using digital, touch screen signage. This allows companies to gather data and feedback without being invasive and having a member of staff go up to the customer themselves and ask questions, which could potentially irritate people while they are shopping and harm the brand.

Educating Customers

Connecting shoppers more closely with the products they are buying. By having digital signage showing information on where the shops merchandise has come from, and the people who have helped with the end to end process of getting the product into the shop. This is particularly popular with shops that stock a lot of fair trade items and food products, or companies who work closely with charities.

Upgrading the in-store experience

By using mobile point of sale and handheld devices such as iPads, shops can cut down on queues and give customers the ability to access the stock room to see if the product they are after is in stock. This is a great opportunity for upselling as the company can advertise products that can go with the particular item that the customer is searching for. With technology constantly developing, interactive digital signage could help a customer with any instore problems or questions that they have just as well as a member of staff could.

Results have shown that shoppers feel that brand credibility is increased when the shop uses animated and digital signage. Consumers expect professional communication from retailers – digital signage reflects this and is more appealing and eye catching to the public. The traceability and flexibility allows companies to test different content, design and targeted advertising, with no risk to brand perception and at little cost. Digital signage ensures that the brands values are reflected properly across all stores.


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