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How to Write a Quality Guest Post
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How to Write a Quality Guest Post

Guest blogging is not only greatly effective in promoting your website online but also a very popular way to do so. However, before we go into the nuts and bolts of how to write a good guest post, let’s spend a little time to understand the concept in greater detail.

What is a guest post?

Writing a guest post is basically writing articles or blogs that are going to be posted on other websites. You will find that many websites are in need of quality content relevant to their own product/service. Maybe as a guest writer, you also have a blog along similar lines which means it could prove to be mutually beneficial to write one. This way, both the original blog as well as the guest post can link the article back to each other which leads to greater site traffic. Let’s understand some of the benefits of guest blogging.

Why a Guest Post can be Great for you?

1)    Get high-quality traffic

One of the greatest advantages of writing guest posts is being able to divert high-quality traffic to your website, as well as your blog. A good guest post can often get a minimum of five hundred to a thousand visitors to your website. It’s not just the number of visitors that you attract to your blog, but also the quality of it. In most scenarios, it’s likely that visitors spend a greater amount of time on your guest post, rather than the blog, meaning a lower bounce rate.

2)    Boost S.E.O Rankings Through Better Linking

In reality, a website is absolutely pointless if it’s not earning you any money. Building a website invloves investing a lot of time, effort and money. Writing good guest posts is not just a way to earn more money but also a great way to enhance your page ranking. The more links you have from a relevant website to your own, the greater the quality of your page links will be, which translates into better page ranking. Therefore, guest posting helps improve the visibility of your website on search engines due to quality back links.

3)    Branding

If you have the idea and the content to develop it, then guest posting can be great in creating your own brand name. By guest posting, it’s finally possible for you to communicate your idea with a wider demographic and potential customers. It’s also the ideal way to ensure that the idea you intend to communicate is read by an audience desperate for the information shared in your blog. This helps you to create a particular brand, a niche, where your opinions really matter.

Now that we have established the importance of guest posting, as well as its numerous advantages, let’s try to understand the factors responsible for creating a good guest post.

1)    Why am I Writing this Guest Post?

Before you start writing a guest post it’s always important to ask yourself this question –  Who do you intend to target with your guest post? Do you want to create a random or generic post that’s relevant to your topic, or do you want to invest time and effort in targeting a particular niche? There are two very important considerations that you should make before writing a guest blog. Firstly, try to understand what topic might generate the most buzz among your readers. Then, you should also invest time in going through previous blogs and analysing what has worked for you in the past, and how you can still use it to your advantage. Now, if you are aiming to replicate what has worked for you in the past then efforts have to be made to recapture the theme, with new content rather than copying down old posts or adding superficial data to it.

2)    What Tone Should you Write Your Blog in?

Ideally guests post need to be a bit informal, full of the required data, but in a more casual tone. However, writing in an informal manner does not mean writing in a tone or language that you would normally use with your mates. It’s very rare that a blog manager will spend any time with you in perfecting your blog. So if you want your article to be picked you need to ensure that the tone is right and the language flawless to make the final cut. Also, ensure that you adhere to the blogging guidelines if any are specified to you. If in any doubt, a Google site search can help you with guest post guidelines or other important details such as length, structure and number of inbound links. Also, it does not hurt to check with the blog manager if there are any specific guidelines to be considered for your post.

3)    Link Your Guest Post to a Relevant Page

Many a time, first-time writers make the mistake of linking their blog to an irrelevant page like the homepage of their blog, or to another blog that might be well written, but irrelevant to the original guest post. The common mistake made here is that you are placing no emphasis on where you are directing your readers. It’s important to send your readers towards an outcome that is more in step with your long term objectives. Sending them to unrelated, random posts should be thought of as a huge waste of time, similar to pouring petrol all over the engine rather than where it needs to go i.e. the gas tank.

4)    The importance of proofreading

Proof reading your guest post is crucial, in fact it can in most instances turn out to be the difference between a good post and a bad one. If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, or if you want your readers to understand your point clearly, then proofreading your post is vital.

5)    Think long Term When Writing a Guest Post

In your eagerness to increase your website’s traffic and in essence your business, you can make the mistake of thinking about topics that give short term boosts, rather than those that will stay relevant for a longer period of time. So instead of thinking about the initial flow of traffic, think more in terms of how your post matures. Keep in mind the following questions when writing your post

  • Does the post sync with a Google keyword that will benefit my website continually over a long term?
  • Will the post boost my reputation and the credibility in the writing niche?
  • Will the post help to make any new contacts within the industry?

As always, along with knowing the do’s of a particular topic it’s also important to know the don’ts. So, what are the common mistakes that you should look to avoid when writing a guest post?

1)    Disregarding the target audience

When guest posting, it’s important that you understand what your blog’s target audience wants, especially if the nature of content is starkly different to your own blog. This is probably one of the biggest challenges that a blogger faces, one which even the most experienced of writers can sometimes struggle with. Research your target audience and in doing that, try to understand their psyche better. Reading comments on previously successful blogs is one way to gauge the reaction of your target audience, as is reading those blogs themselves to understand how the writer engaged the audience.

2)    Writing Without a Strategy

Before you look to boost your guest blogging efforts, it’s important to come up with a strategy that is in sync with your long term goals. Are you trying to improve your rankings for a particular keyword? If yes, then look to create your content keeping in mind that particular keyword. If you are intending to engage a new audience, then look to target blogs whose target audience will be more inclined to read your own blog. You should have a clear idea of what you want before you start writing, and then target a strategy that gets you the desired results.

3)    Maintaining the quality of your post

It’s possible when you write your guest post to think that if this blog is not being published for yourself, that perhaps it’s not important to maintain the same level of quality in the post. Such a line of thought can prove to be very damaging in the long term. If anything, the quality of your posts should be higher when you write external blogs. Firstly, the blog needs to impress your blog manager so that it gets published. Also, it needs to interest your new audience so that they will be tempted to check out your own blog. Therefore, it’s essential that quality of your guest post remains consistent with what you have written previously.


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