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Importance of Restroom Renovation for Offices
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Importance of Restroom Renovation for Offices

Every office has restrooms as the most used facility by visitors. Therefore, it is recommended to undertake renovation responsibilities by the office facility for better convenience. These responsibilities are often designed to bring the restroom into compliance with access guidelines.

It is important to formulate plans for such work to determine the specific benefits of renovations, understanding common trouble spots, and carrying out upgrades to maximize the benefits. Most of the complaints from restroom visitors are about odour, poor cleanliness and empty paper dispensers.

So it will be a win-win strategy to eliminate sources of these complaints while minimizing water usage and cleaning costs.

Renovation benefits

From the many benefits of restroom renovations, improved sanitation, greater comfort, easier access for all and lower operating costs are some of them. Office coordinators and engineers will need to take a closer look at each of these in order to prioritise them.

Improved Sanitation

From unclean restroom fixtures such as toilets, sinks and paper dispensers there are many germs, bacteria and illness which can spread from person to person via any point of contact.

Up to 10,000 bacteria and viruses can atomize in the air when a toilet is flushed. Renovating the restroom will help in removing these factors and decrease the cause of serious diseases.

Greater comfort

A more comfortable environment can be created for the users by providing a fresh and clean restroom. It will ease the concerns that accompany using unsanitary facilities.

This will keep the visitors happy and comfortable to use toilets at any point of time. It will also reflect on the reputation of your organization.

Better accessibility

Most of the renovations are opted to provide easier access while using toilets especially for those with disabilities. It must be preferred because people expect better convenience while using toilets in larger organizations.

Accessible restrooms are generally able to get benefit from the resulting positive public relations as these are more attractive and comfortable for all users.

Lower costs

Restroom renovations can be helpful to control extra expenditure as it improves sanitation and minimises bad odour. Clean restrooms generally have a bleak possibility of causing any kind of illness and they also have better water-flow connections which can reduce water usage or prevent any kind of leakage.

Besides these benefits, restroom renovations also provide two most effective means of maximising benefits and minimising problems.

Hygiene improvement

In spite of the efforts taken to clean the restrooms, some fixtures are a major source of cross-contamination as many users might come in contact with the fixtures between cleanings. There are many examples of automated fixtures which can enhance both perception and reality of cleanliness.

  1. Odour control: Use of sanitizers can reduce the effect of infections which usually spread due to manual contact. This method of cleaning will ensure that fixtures will stay clean.
  2. Toilet flushers: Automated flush for toilets is a good option to keep people from coming in contact with flush buttons or handles.
  3. Soap dispensers: This will eliminate any major source of cross-contamination and make hand-wash much more sanitary.
  4. Air dryers: They will provide high standards of touch free mechanism for better convenience and comfort.
  5. Toilet-seat cleaning: There are many automated and sensing equipments that come with toilet seats which are able to clean it automatically without any manual connectivity. It will provide a hands-free way for users to ensure a higher degree of sanitation.

often use toilet cubicles for better convenience of visitors. It is an advantage for restroom renovation as it will help to decrease traffic and people will be safe from contracting any virus or bacteria.

Giving attention to design elements can also be beneficial to the organization. For example toilet equipments can be installed on walls instead of keeping them on the floor to reduce the cleaning time and resist graffiti and vandalism.

Renovation of restrooms also includes floor cleaning especially grout cleaning. It will keep the toilet dirt free and remove excess liquid from the floor as wet floors are usually slippery and a person might get hurt.

Cleaning standards

Standard procedures are often an attractive method to maintain and improve the appearance of restrooms. These procedures help in eliminating cleaning methods that are sometimes confusing and conflicting.

The procedure begins with the way of cleaning by sweepers through daily practice. Along with doing each task on a daily and weekly basis, proper care is much needed to minimise the cause of illness.

Standard practices can form some habits that can assure uniformity. These practices include the use of good quality cleaners, supervised dilution rate, proper contact times for disinfectants, proper cleaning under water rims and proper frequency of mop solution.

To conclude the above beneficial aspects, it is important for offices to renovate their restrooms and provide a comfortable and relieving environment to their visitors. It will build up your reputation as well as make your business profitable.


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