Capital gains tax explained

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Capital gains is a tax on the profit when you sell or dispose of something that’s increases in value. It is the gain you make that is taxed, not the amount of money you receive. Some assets are tax free. Each year, everyone who is liable to capital gains tax gets an annual tax-free allowances […]

Unsecured Loans For Solicitors

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Holding a positive cash flow at all times within the competitive environment of various legal professionals is of paramount importance. Both baristas and solicitors can benefit from taking out loans for solicitors. Both sole practitioners and partner firms can take out unsecured loans to fulfil both their needs and aspirations. Professionals working across the legal […]

Claiming For Work Injury Compensation

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Accidents can happen everywhere including in the home, outside, on public transport and in the work place. Employers are required to ensure that their place of work is not only fit for purpose, but that it also adheres to any compulsory the health and safety guidelines set out by the authority of the local area. […]

Team Building Activities for the whole office

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Communication and positive work interactions are the foundation of any professional environment. Whether you are communicating with a colleague, manager or even a customer, effective communication is essential. Not only will this help prevent frustration within the workplace but it will also keep your employees engaged. A lot of the time communication needs to be […]

Starting a Business

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There are several steps an individual can take before drawing up plans for a business that can provide it with the maximum chances of survival. Before delving in to marketing strategies, and business models, the economic climate will need to be thoroughly researched. Once you know what market you would like to enter in to, […]

Guest Post: Unwritten Rules of Productive Office Environment

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Nurturing an office atmosphere that encourages productivity and makes employees satisfied can be challenging for anyone. Everyone has different preferences when there are working as well as different strengths and weaknesses. There are structures and policies you can put in place that will help your colleagues to perform as best as possible. Not all of […]

Ease Employee Stress and Increase Accuracy

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Employee sickness can severely impact the overall performance of a business, a specific team and a department. Workplace stress has been revealed as one of the most common reasons individuals are seeking sick notes from their general practitioner. Research conducted by the Health and Safety Executive found that workplace stress totalled a loss of 9.9 […]

Using Asset Finance for Business Growth

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Asset finance has overcome many of the challenges both large, small and new and established businesses can face. Although banks offer a wide variety of financial products, retail asset finance companies offer specialised funding and many have expert knowledge in a particular field. Asset finance allows a company to purchase equipment, without disrupting their cash flows. […]

The Advantage of Placing the Right Logistics Professional in the Right Role

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The face of the logistics and supply chain sector is changing. These changes are making the need for logistics professionals more and more pressing. Establishing the right credentials for a candidate from the get go can help avoid damaging delays and mistakes later on down the line. Many recruitment professionals in the logistics sector have […]