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Explaining Corporate Tax Loans

If you own a company, then you are required to pay Corporation Tax on profits that are made from doing business as a limited company in Britain. This also applies to any foreign company with a UK branch or office….


Do You Need to Pay Capital Gains Tax?

If you gain capital through the sale of an item such as an antique or home whereby the profit obtained reaches £6000 or more, capital gains tax must be paid. In terms of tax, valuable possessions are called “chattels”. Many…

How to effectively market your business

When you start up a new business, there are so many different strategies and approaches to take in terms of marketing and advertising it can be difficult to choose the appropriate ones for you. Your main objective will be getting…

Guest Post: How To Design The Perfect Office Space

When designing their office space, business owners need to create an environment that facilitates productivity and functionality. Employees need a working environment that encourages interaction between co-workers, but also creates enough independent space to allow for daily routines to continue…

Thinking of Organising a Corporate Team Building Day?

Do you feel that your team at work needs perking up? How a team works together is incredibly important and can directly affect how productive the team are the standard of work being produced. Employees should be able to communicate…


Happy 66th Birthday Richard Branson

Author Bio Drew Burstein is the Owner and Director of a company called Frame Your TV. He regularly writes about interesting topics in relation to the television, movie and digital industries. His company specialises in TV frames including mirror TV…

Choosing the Most Appropriate Heating System

Selecting the most appropriate heating for your business is of paramount importance. Many businesses have invested in building an ethical energy policy in recent years, and consequently need to ensure they work alongside a Powrmatic heating supplier that can accommodate…

Make a Corporation Tax Loan Work For You

Corporation tax must be paid by any limited company in the United Kingdom, as well as any foreign companies with a branch or office in the UK. Corporation tax refers to the tax that is charged to businesses across a…

How and Why are Shops Now Using Digital Signage?

With the huge surge in popularity of smartphones, customers are becoming more tech savvy and are more drawn to digital and touch screen signage rather than traditional print, poster style signage. Shops use digital signage to connect with their customers,…


What Makes A Great Business Leader?

Author Bio Richard Madison is the Marketing Executive for the Brighton School of Business and Management which is based in the UK and offers business and entrepreneurial courses to a range of students. He regularly writes about topics that focus…


Capital gains tax explained

Capital gains is a tax on the profit when you sell or dispose of something that’s increases in value. It is the gain you make that is taxed, not the amount of money you receive. Some assets are tax free….


Challenges Facing The Market Research Industry

With the rapid developments in technology, every industry must find new ways to educate and innovate themselves in order to survive in this digital age. However, there are a number of challenges facing these industries that are not aiding the…

Unsecured Loans For Solicitors

Holding a positive cash flow at all times within the competitive environment of various legal professionals is of paramount importance. Both baristas and solicitors can benefit from taking out loans for solicitors. Both sole practitioners and partner firms can take…


The Psychology of Colour


Paying Employees Through PAYE

All employees that are paid some form of compensation for the work they carry out on behalf of an employer should be enrolled on to a payroll system. All employers should be registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and…