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There are several steps an individual can take before drawing up plans for a business that can provide it with the maximum chances of survival. Before delving in to marketing strategies, and business models, the economic climate will need to be thoroughly researched. Once you know what market you would like to enter in to, you should have an idea of who your target demographic will be. Understanding the buying habits of your potential consumer’s will mean you can tailor early stage advertising campaigns effectively to suit your target market, as well as plan the release of new products or services to reflect when these spending habits peak.

For many, the first few years of building a business are the most difficult. It is wise to have effective “treatment plans” to rescue new (and established) businesses from a low gross, and ensure there is always enough capital to pay staff. Employees are the forefront of many businesses, and act as representatives of the large scale goals you are trying to achieve.

The location of a business may also determine how popular it becomes. It is likely that the goods or services your business provides are already being sold by another company. Although you may have a great unique selling point, it may not be enough to divert custom to your door and away from companies they are familiar with. Try to find a premises or plot of land with suitable planning permission, that is in the vicinity of complementary companies. By surrounding yourself with non-competitor companies you may be seen to hold their established reputation, and will consequently benefit from their business. Access to easy parking should always be considered when buying or renting a premises for your business, as this may affect what clientele will use your services. Access for disabled customers will also need to be considered.

Retail asset finance can help fund vital equipment or early stage marketing campaigns necessary before declaring the business as open. By using asset finance to fund major costs, businesses can ensure they have enough working capital left over for unexpected circumstances.


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