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Storage solutions in your Kitchen
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Storage solutions in your Kitchen

Kitchen marks the genesis of all the good and delicious food that you gobble down everyday. It is a place to be respected and treated with utter honour because had it been never existent, your survival would have been endangered.

Of course the above lines might seem like written a bit overboard and with extensive exaggeration; it is needless to say that kitchen is the most important part of the house.

So, why would you even want to keep it all cluttered and messed? Few storage tips will easily help you keep it all spick and span, ready to serve you good food whenever you want.

Few kitchen storage tips:

Make good use of drawers

We have ample of drawers in our kitchen. Half filled and always messed, we really never like them. But, what if you could organise them efficiently to use them in a better manner? Seems impossible, right? Well, it isn’t. You really can organise your kitchen drawers well, to enhance their efficiency and store more amount of stuff in them.

What you need to do is; first, empty all your drawers. Second, segregate all your items and group the similar ones together. Third, put small boxes or empty cans in your drawers; and lastly, assign each box or can to one type of the item and put all of them in there.

So, accordingly you can have a box or can for all the rubber bands, one can for all type of clips, one for all toothpicks, so on and so forth. You can even go a bit ahead and similarly organise all your food materials as well, keeping all the spices, essence, salt and other raw cooking items together so that they are easily accessible to you whenever required.

This was about segregating and organising, now let’s talk about keeping the knives and other long cooking apparatus. Engage all your long and shallow drawers for this purpose. They are the best for such stuff. Remember not to keep anything else in them.

For keeping your huge jars and plastic boxes, you can make use of deep drawers that have ample amount of space and depth in them. People prefer keeping jars on shelves but after a certain point of time, they start collecting dirt and dust. So, to keep them clean and safe from crashing down, prefer keeping them in the drawers.

Using the cupboards

When you think about kitchen, the first thing that comes to your mind is the kitchen platform with many cupboards below and above it. Well, they are there to be used but using them wisely is the key to keep your kitchen all clean and sorted.

Use those cupboards for stuffing all your kitchen utensils. There obviously are going to be many of them and so, keeping them organised is of the utter requirement. Be sure to keep the heavy utensils in the cupboards that are below the kitchen platform and keep the lighter ones as well as the boxes and cans filled with food in the cupboards above the platform.

Avoid keeping anything on the kitchen platform. If, there is anything that you need all the time such as the box of salt then have a special cupboard for all such things that you keep on needing all the time when in kitchen.

Be sure to organise your boxes and cans height-wise so that you get to see what’s behind what. While keeping the utensils, keep the smaller ones inside the bigger ones. This is going to save a lot of space and give enough room to fit everything in the cupboards.

Additional storage  

This was just about the cupboards and the drawers but there are few other ways of storing stuff in the kitchen as well. One main thing that you can easily do is having a tote box or a plastic pallet box in the kitchen to keep all your dirty dishes and other utensils.

Your really don’t want them to be occupying your sink all the time and making things really disgusting in your kitchen. Keep them aloof in those sturdy boxes to cut the dirty sight of your beautiful kitchen.

You can even make a great use of hooks. Have them below the cupboards or over the kitchen platform to hang all knifes, mugs, cups and other kitchen apparatus that really don’t need much of storing.

This will keep them handy and the make the kitchen look great, leaving a lot of room in the cupboards and drawers for storing other items.

You may not believe but you can put some magnets to use as well. Use them to pin all plastic bags and papers to the fridge to keep them from flaying all over the kitchen. This will cut down on a lot of your kitchen mess.

Lastly, put up some shelves on a wall to display all your beautiful crockery and other wonderful looking China clay items. This will give an alluring effect to your kitchen, making it look right out of an interior décor magazine.


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