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Team Building Activities for the whole office

Communication and positive work interactions are the foundation of any professional environment. Whether you are communicating with a colleague, manager or even a customer, effective communication is essential. Not only will this help prevent frustration within the workplace but it will also keep your employees engaged.

A lot of the time communication needs to be practiced in order to keep a happy and healthy working environment. Team exercises not only improves your communication and motivation but it also helps to create a consistent and productive working environment. Here are a few examples of team building exercises that will help you encourage teamwork and communication within the office.

  • Blindfold Driving
  • Swinging Bridge
  • Electric Triangles
  • Quad Limbo
  • Atomic Bomb

The notion of team building in Leicester can be a bit automatic to those who are not part of a team. To work effectively as a team, it is fundamental agree and come to mutual understandings within whatever exercise you are completing. Sometimes it is simply about learning more about the people you work with and working through difficult situations which force you to work together.

Developing Trust

Trust is a crucial component for developing trust for any business. If trust us not present then you whole team could come to a halt. It’s important to develop a mutual trust, a method for building trust that is often used is by working in pairs and asking your team members to interact using eye contact. Activities that require you to do this are said to improve trust issues within a business and also allows your team members to loosen up and become more comfortable with trusting each other through eye-contact.

Improving Communication

Trust is a crucial element to business and even more so when teamwork is required regularly. By working together will force people who don’t tend to cross paths to work together at a certain task. Talking out any issues that may arise is also encouraged as it will help to approach any differences and problems in a more professional way to resolve their problems.

You must make sure that you are implementing time into your yearly business strategy for team-building exercises, as it is extremely important in the fine tuning of your employees. Planning a team-building initiative can help to make them run smoothly, as you will be able to decide what structure they are going to take and what particular topics you will be discussing.


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