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The Advantage of Placing the Right Logistics Professional in the Right Role

The face of the logistics and supply chain sector is changing. These changes are making the need for logistics professionals more and more pressing. Establishing the right credentials for a candidate from the get go can help avoid damaging delays and mistakes later on down the line. Many recruitment professionals in the logistics sector have hands on experience of the industry and understand that selecting the right candidate is more about experience and know how than qualifications on the C.V.

Procurement is about the delivery of value and price at the right time and this calls for professionals who are able to build strong bonds and a high level of trust with suppliers through to the end purchaser. In a highly competitive market, a recruitment processional should be prepared to take a degree of risk with innovation, pushing boundaries to achieve greater efficiency and increased levels of profit.

Personality tests have been particularly successful and can reveal things that may not be evident straight away during a standard interview. Honesty, integrity and how the candidate is likely to handle challenging situations can be measured accurately. This can also help greatly in determining how someone will fit in with the existing workforce and the corporate environment. Good academic results or industry experience must be supported by self-motivation and enthusiasm and the ability to communicate well.


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