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Guest Post: The Benefits of Effective Office Space Design

Office design and layout is important, although it’s something that is often overlooked, but it is something that can affect your employees for better or for worse. Before you even consider moving any furniture, you should think about the types of tasks your employees will be performing. A good office is a happy, functional one.


A good layout, has those who work closely near each other. There is no use having your second in command all the way over the other side of the room, it’s just not practical. If you plan the office design carefully, make sure you know all of the key tasks that your team need to complete. It’s no good having a salesmen who works on the phone all day, nowhere near a phone.

Efficiency vs Health & Safety

A good office layout provides employees with the space and tools they require to complete the task, whilst also bearing in mind the health and safety aspects of wires and spacing between desks. Employers need to ensure that their workers have comfortable chairs, adequate lighting, which make the job easier and reduce the chances of injury and legal issues.

Privates Spaces vs Open Plan

Managers who are deciding how to plan their office have the option of either open plan or private work areas. In an open office, employees work together at a communal work area, as opposed to being tucked away in private. It’s important to consider whether your workers prefer open plan spaces for collaboration or traditional offices which lend themselves more to focused, concentrated work.

Communal Areas

Adding communal areas to allow for collaborative work and brainstorming, can help work become a lot smoother and a more enjoyable place. Communal areas provide areas where people can take breaks and recharge, free from the working environment. Break rooms and coffee areas should be large enough to accommodate several employees at one time. Locate informal communal spaces away from work areas to prevent noise from disrupting busy employees.

Author: Karen James has a passion for business, travel and creative endeavours and enjoys sharing her experiences with a wider audience. When she isn’t writing she enjoys long walks with her chocolate lab Coco and spending time with her family.


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