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The Importance of Insurance

Shops and businesses of all kinds need insurance to protect them from many things from theft to damage.

Tattoo studios face a lot more risks than general stores, as the risk extends to events that may occur after the tattoo services have been carried out. Tattoo insurance can cover things such as infection or injury.

Many generic insurance companies are reluctant to offer insurance packages to tattoo parlours due to the risks involved. However, all shops are required to have cover sorted before they begin trading. Tattoo shops may also need insurance before taking out a loan.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Many people get tattoos to display a particular meaning or message that is personal to them. However, others get tattoos to display individual style, or even follow a fashion trend. With the numbers of those getting inked increasing, so is the number of lawsuits against tattoo artists. Whether required by law in your location or not, insurance is always a sensible idea.

The types of insurance a tattoo parlour can get include;

General Liability

General liability provides coverage for both personal injuries and property damage (if the damage is sustained by a customer whilst on the business premises). Reports show that the most common type of accident (not linked to the actual tattooing process) is slip and fall accidents. In light of this, general liability insurance is the most common type of cover.

Professional Liability

In contrast to cover that provides protection to the studio and injuries, professional liability is a policy type that insures the business owner and any named employees in the shop. Professional liability will cover malpractice (including when work carried out is below standard, or when a customer is injured). Although all business owners should ensure they only employ staff they know to be capable and qualified, having professional cover is highly important.

Communicable disease liability insurance

Insuring yourself and your tattoo parlour with communicable disease liability insurance can save you from losing thousands of pounds in lawsuits. Blood-borne diseases can be passed on through improperly sterilised tattooing equipment. By covering your tattoo parlour with this type of liability insurance you can protect yourself from huge losses.



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