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Guest Post: The Pros and Cons of Using a Recruiter

Setting up a recruitment agency and then taking the steps it takes to hire people can take up a significant amount of time. There are quite a few benefit of using a recruiter to assist in the hiring process.

Firstly, it frees up a large amount of time. It is easy to wonder if the company would be better off hiring a recruiter to handle the laborious aspect of finding new hires. Here are some pros and cons of taking this route.

Potential Benefits of Using a Recruiter

For an employer, there are quite a few benefits to using a recruiter in order to assist in the hiring process:

  • Firstly it frees up a lot of time for human resources and hiring managers.
  • The recruiter is able to help write up the job description and do all the work necessary in getting an employee.
  • The recruiter can help you filter out all the candidates that don’t meet the requirements.
  • A recruiter’s main job is to find a person to fill a position. They are able to devote their time and effort into getting an applicant in place very quickly meaning they will be able to fill the position faster.
  • They can handle all the hard work, for example: finding references and negotiations.
  • Recruiters are often well versed in their industry and can identify with large groups of candidates.

Potential Downfalls of Using a Recruiter

  • Recruiters will not understand your business as well as you do and therefore won’t be able to go into such great detail when looking for a potential employer.
  • It can actually take more time with a recruiter working as the ‘middle man’.
  • The employer will need to decide whether this additional expense is worth the effort.
  • You potential employee will obviously be applying for other jobs through the recruiter and therefore will have their options very much open.

Author: Karen James has a passion for business, travel and creative endeavours and enjoys sharing her experiences with a wider audience. When she isn’t writing she enjoys long walks with her chocolate lab Coco and spending time with her family.


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