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Thinking of Organising a Corporate Team Building Day?

Do you feel that your team at work needs perking up? How a team works together is incredibly important and can directly affect how productive the team are the standard of work being produced. Employees should be able to communicate and work alongside each other with ease, and all feel positive about the team that they are working within. Corporate team building in Northamptonshire are great investments for a business, they can help to break down any boundaries within the workforce, unearth hidden skills, and give staff more confidence in their abilities amongst their colleagues in the work place. Staff will feel valued when they see that their employer is putting time, money and thought into how to improve their time at work for them. The results that can be achieved from a corporate team building event can be huge. We have put together a list of a few simple team building activities that can be done in the office to get staff used to activities before a large team building event;

  1. Two truths and a lie – a simple exercise where people have to tell the group 3 interesting facts about themselves, however one of the facts should be a lie and the group should try and guess which one isn’t true. This lets the team members get to know a little more about each other that they may not have found out about through work.
  2. Picture pieces’ game – find a large picture with a lot of detail, and cut it onto as many small chunks as you see fit, the team has to work together to piece the puzzle back together.
  3. The egg drop – splitting the group into two teams, they must each make a container for an egg that will keep it from cracking from a 6-foot drop. Great fun!
  4. Orienteering – A fantastic exercise that will encourage team members to work in harmony with each other in problem solving, utilizing everybody in the groups skills.


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