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Guest Post: Unwritten Rules of Productive Office Environment

Nurturing an office atmosphere that encourages productivity and makes employees satisfied can be challenging for anyone. Everyone has different preferences when there are working as well as different strengths and weaknesses.

There are structures and policies you can put in place that will help your colleagues to perform as best as possible. Not all of these rule need to be formally written down as there are a number of informal policies you can guide your staff towards that will develop the best environment for you and your workers.

Take opinions into consideration

This doesn’t mean having a formally written that mandates every worker to share his/her opinion on everything. This would cause people to make things up in order to fulfill a requirement. You should let your staff know that their opinions are important to you. You can do this by encouraging them to communicate regularly. This will cause the office environment to be comfortable and help people to speak their minds. Many employees appreciate this is the workplace. The moral will be given a boost and many more employees will be willing to work for your company. The opinions you collect from employees will help your company solve problems.

The Internet

Many years ago, using the internet for anything other than work was a very serious violation. But today, social media and the internet is so integrated into our everyday lives that it is sometimes unavoidable. If, in the working environment, you make the habit to playing around on the internet it will become unprofessional. People are going to go on the internet regardless of what you do so if you catch someone on the internet for a few minutes, try not to crack the whip too hard. Instead, let your co-workers know that personal Internet usage is allowable, but shouldn’t be abused.

Hours are flexible

Most companies have strict working hours, the most common being 9-5 work. This doesn’t mean that you should penalise an employee for coming into work at 9:15. But, obviously if something becomes a habit then it is wise to have a word. Hours are sometimes not as important, the quality and quantity of work really effects the employee’s productivity. You shouldn’t let your employees abuse the system, but don’t be too hard on them.

These unwritten rules may not work for every business but, they do wonders for morale and productivity. Instead the power of unwritten rules will give your workers a flexible yet solid structure so you get the most out of your team.

Charlotte Harris is a Star Wars fan and a budding writer who hopes to one day write her own science fiction novel.


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