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Using Asset Finance for Business Growth

Asset finance has overcome many of the challenges both large, small and new and established businesses can face.

Although banks offer a wide variety of financial products, retail asset finance companies offer specialised funding and many have expert knowledge in a particular field.

Asset finance allows a company to purchase equipment, without disrupting their cash flows. Technology is constantly advancing meaning that many areas of the market are becoming increasingly competitive. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, as well as be viewed as market leaders in their sectors, businesses need to invest in the latest equipment in their field, providing it will further improve the way they handle day to day activities and tasks.

It is wise for companies to conduct research on equipment they may bring in to their working environment, and not tie themselves in to a purchase that may negatively affect an efficient practice. New equipment can also take up a lot of valuable space, as well as take time to master. Therefore, companies looking to invest in new equipment should ensure they are committed to developing their strategies, and are willing to adapt their current working environment.

Using asset finance may be a sign of company growth as the companies using such a finance product inevitably have the funds to repay anything they borrowed. Any company investing in new equipment is also usually embarking on a strategic marketing plan, and looking to increase their profits or expand their business. Asset finance is fast becoming the most popular finance option for company growth. The most utilized types of asset finance are leasing and hire purchase.

The flexibility of developing a business using asset finance is one of the most appealing factors for those looking for suitable finance. Hire purchase and leasing allows a company to obtain assets necessary for improvement and/or growth, without the burden of owning the equipment outright. When you buy business equipment, you have the purchase for the rest of its life span, as well as lose a large chunk of working capital.


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