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Warm Air Heating in the Work Place

Warm Air Heating in the Work Place

Winter is almost here and so it is necessary for you to start making arrangements to keep you warm. Heating a house is considerable easy compared to an office.

Ideally work places must maintain at least 13-16 degree Celsius temperature. But during the winters this temperature runs down significantly. You don’t want your employees to freeze in the cold ambience of the work place as it won’t be good for their health and for your business as well.

It is thus necessary to make provisions to ensure the heating of your work place so that people are warm and comfortable to work which in turn will increase their productivity.

For insulating your workplace, you can fix all the holes and cracks in the office walls and window panes as it will stop the outside cold air from rushing in. You may also install special window panes which will absorb more sunlight and keep the place warm during the winters.

But all these measures have a limitation which cannot conquer the cold. You need to have specialised heating equipments from companies like Benson heating. These companies are the experts in heating and make machines which assist you in keeping the temperature high at your work place.

There are many machines to choose from for heating your work place. You have gas cabinet heaters, liner radiant heaters, water heaters, fans, warm air heaters and many more. Some are specialised in spot heating while some give over all heating. Some are sleek and have good aesthetics while some are huge and occupy a large space.

You can decide based on your budget, space constraints; employ strength which type of heater shall suits your work place the best. But one of the most effective and widely used heaters is the warm air heater.

There are many benefits of a warm air heater, let’s know more in detail about this heater and how it can efficiently heat your work place.

  • Why to Use Warm Air Heaters?

Warm air heaters are being used since many ages but because of certain flaws people avoid using it. These heaters are not the same now. There have been a lot of advancements in them and all the flaws are fixed. They are no more noisy and huge. Surely they are bigger in size but definitely smaller than their ancestors. Warm air heating doesn’t involve usage of the radiator, water and pipes which generally cause the heaters to break down during the chill. It is thus a better option for heating your work place.

  • Basics Specifications

Warm air heaters don’t require much investment. Setting up the system of ducts for circulating warm air all over your workplace can be little costly but again it isn’t as expensive as buying the other heating equipments. Warm are heaters and very efficient as they give an output of around 350 kW. The efficiency is also given in terms of percentage by the manufacturer.

Floor standing, suspended and ducted are the three models of warm air heaters which evenly dispense warm air. They either work on oil, natural gas or LPG. Warm air heaters are easy to maintain and require low costs for running.

You can find other types of warm air heating machines too.

  • Gas-fired

This is the traditional warm air system which simply draws cold air from outside and throws it across a gas flame and warms it up typically in a heat exchanger. It is a simple, robust and effective way to heat air for small workplaces with a fewer work forces.

  • Heated Ventilation

This usually is a very small heat source which gives out heat in the range of 1kW to 3kW capacity. Such results are only suitable for offices with a very low heat load and thus cannot cover large space of a work place. They can be used for spot heating or for small personal offices.

  • How does Warm Air Heating Work?

Warm air heaters have a fan in-built in them which will absorb the outside cold air. This air is then passed through pipes to the heating chamber. In the heating chambers are hot metal plates which turn the cold air into warm air. Then by the help of fans this warm air is pushed into a system of ducts which circulates the air everywhere in the office.

Work places being compact and sophisticated can’t afford to have a huge noisy heater dispensing warm air in few specific places. The warm air heaters overcome these problems as the heater is situated such that it is away from the public and the only equipment of heating visible is the system of ducts which hardly takes any place and makes no rusty noises. Thus aesthetically warm air heaters work best for work places.

  • Air Filtering for Healthy Environment

One large benefit of installing warm air heaters in workplaces is that they come with air filter in them which can remove harmful particles. The latest heaters can filter and remove up to 95% of airborne particles effectively decreasing the amount of pollen, human and pet hair, dust, mud, mould, bacteria and tobacco smoke in the air. This results in a cleaner, healthier environment for all your valuable employees.

This is everything you can know about the warm air heating which can be done in your work places. You now know about its benefit, its working, its basics and almost everything you can get to know. So now it’s your decision to choose which kind of warm air heater can work best for your office keeping in mind all the aspects such as your finance, budget, office size, work force, etc. Chose the best warm air heater and if required contact the manufacturers for further information on technical details about various heater available for your use.


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