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Ways to Advertise: Promoting Your Product or Service

Whether you are promoting a product or a service, advertising is an important component in today’s very competitive marketplace. When it comes to the types of advertisements that your company can use the possibilities are endless. There are so many different options that can be used to promote your product or service and get your message out there.

When creating an advertising plan, it is necessary to determine who you are targeting. Recognising your target audience will help you choose the best way to advertise for your business.

Decide on your target market

In order to distinguish this type of information you will need to study your past or current clients, submit a survey or conduct secondary market research by examining other companies that are similar to yours. If your advertisements speak to a certain customer then then they are more likely to use your product or service.

It’s a good idea to identify the type of media that is being used by your mail target audience. The main examples of media are:




Branded products for example: You can get promotional products in Kettering



AND Billboards 

Whether you decide to use new media or more traditional media is more likely to depend on your target audience. It is important to point out that more people are using new media like online and mobile advertising.

Before choosing a platform you should decide whether you want to generate more traffic into your business or if you want to get new customers interested. You want to identify a clear clientele. Your message should be very clear before you decide on a method of advertisement.

Social Networking

You can take advantage of many social media sites for advertising such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Facebook contains sponsored posts and promoted updates. Remember, it is not possible to log into Facebook without viewing ads and pages that are tailored to your interest. Twitter also offers the opportunity to promote tweets and specific accounts drawing attention to your business.

Adding to this, company pages can be created through social media to promote and display products. Regular posts to these pages will provide great advertising opportunities.

Whether you decide to use new or old forms of media it is very essential that your message can be reached by your target audience.


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