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What Are the Benefits of Custom T-Shirts for Business Promotions?

Brand value is very important for any business. It shows how much the company is recognised by its customer and also the market value. Thus to serve this purpose promotional products are used.

Promotional products are items, media or gifts given out by companies to generate more attention towards their brand. They are a tried and tested method employed by companies to enhance brand exposure and to foster good customer relations.

Products such as pens, bags, t-shirts, shirts, etc are given as promotional products. These products have the company’s logo, name, details printed on them which thus gives a good exposure to the brand. Just think about how many people will love to have a nice screen printed shirts, if they are well designed and are of good quality.

Thus this aspect has to be kept in mind while designing a promotional product for a brand. One of the most preferred promotional products are t-shirts. A company giving out screen printed t-shirts with its logo and brand name printed on it along with a great design will have eye balls of a lot of public which then can turn into prospective leads.

There are many advantages of it, let’s take a look.

  • Cost Effective:

You need a big budget to market your products or services through advertisements. Making advertisements and buying space in media is not easy and very expensive.

Smaller businesses need other effective alternatives to mark their presence in market. That’s where custom t-shirts come into play. These t-shirts don’t cost much and getting them manufactured definitely requires less money than any advertising campaign budget.

  • Enhancement of Recall Value:

It is best to seek professional aid while designing and choosing the right custom t-shirt for your promotional purpose. Professionals will study well about your company’s brand image before suggesting a custom t-shirt that will suit your business the best.

A custom t-shirt tailor made for your target audience and of good quality has greater chances of getting used by your customers. This means that there is a greater chance of your customers remembering your company whenever they use the t-shirt given by you.

Again if it is designed in the specific colour of your company logo, then again it will create greater brand awareness among your customers. This will facilitate recall value of your brand.

  • Walking Advertisements

Advertising campaigns can be very effective. But for those ads to work, the target audience has to be exposed to them at a right time. For Example – Your TV ad may play while someone is watching the TV. But the moment the ad goes off the air, this person may forget about your company. But it’s not the case with custom made promotional t-shirts.

Promotional t-shirts bearing your company name and details can be a mobile advertisement for your brand. If they are exposed to the target audience appropriately then they work very efficiently.

Your targeted customers may not even need your product or service at that point of time, but if they have a need in the future, there is a high chance that your company name may pop up into their head first.

  • Loyalty Building:

Custom t-shirts will not only work as promotional products but will also assist you in your loyalty management. As a brand you can design a very stylish looking t-shirt which you then can give out to your customers who are very loyal to your brand.

These t-shirts will give a sense of belongingness to the customers towards the brand and will in turn make them cohesive towards the company.

Thus there are many benefits of using a custom made promotional t-shirt. Deciding on the quality of the t-shirt and the extent at which it has to be customised will then depend on the standard of your company, the scale of your business and ultimately the budget decided by you for marketing your business.


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