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Why Businesses Should Not Think Much Before Installing Aluminium doors
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Why Businesses Should Not Think Much Before Installing Aluminium doors

Aluminium doors have become a popular choice for designing homes and commercial property for good reason. There are varieties of styles, colours and materials available and you can opt for any one according to your preference. These come in different shapes and sizes, colours and finishes and these come in folding and sliding doors and give a room a clean lined, simple and elegant look. The characteristics of aluminium make it more vulnerable for door furnishing.

Aluminium is the strongest and most durable material which is easy to clean and maintain. The most expensive choice in the door market is quality double and triple glazed aluminium doors. Aluminium doors are often used for commercial properties and retail facilities and are also extremely well suited for residential properties. High-end aluminium doors can be built in large sizes in a variety of shapes, types and configurations.

Benefits of choosing Aluminium over Other Materials

If you are wondering why you should choose aluminium doors, you must know that these doors have a lot of benefits as compared to others.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Aluminium is highly resistive against corrosion and weather changes under a range of harsh environmental conditions which provides a low maintenance frame. Behavioural structure is different from many other materials as it will not swell, crack, split or warp over time ensuring an extended product life. Aluminium can be oxidised or painted for additional protection or decorative finishes.


Economically, aluminium frames are less expensive than any other framing options providing a strong reason for aluminium door repairs solution.

Design Flexibility

The inherent strength and flexibility of aluminium helps to increase resistance to burglary and also against the ruthless tenants. Aluminium doors can be incorporated into the Cascade sliding systems for increased design flexibility. Aluminium offers a vast range of possibilities from economical to most elaborate systems while also delivering excellent thermal performance with an endless scope of systems, finishes and glass options.

Thermal Performance

High performance aluminium doors are able to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. The design of aluminium doors is made in such a way that it consumes heat at greater proportions than any other material. This results in improved energy performance of the buildings.


When it comes to security, these doors come with a variant called as double glazed glass because they are made with a design which cannot be easily breached. In addition, they can be attached with sturdy locks. This prevents thefts and occupants are relaxed from fear of window break-ins.


Aluminium doors are available in many finishing options which can match any decor. This range of finishing can be applied to both interior and exterior applications. Most commonly used finishing are power-coated aluminium and anodised aluminium.

Powder-coated aluminium

This type of coating provides protection against wear and corrosion, but it can also influence the anti-stick quality, sliding capability or thermal insulation of an aluminium work piece.

Anodising of aluminium

The result of anodisation results in extremely-hard, scratch-resistant surface and thus reliable protection against corrosion. In addition, it also provides oxidised coating which is electrically non-conductive.


Aluminium has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and is an environmentally sustainable material. Total energy required to recycle aluminium is only 5% of the initial energy consumed to create it. This inherent property differentiates from other framing materials reinforcing its sustainable credentials. Aluminium has capability to be recycled in a sustainable way.

Varieties in Aluminium Doors

There are many varieties available in the market with regards to aluminium doors with improved techniques. One can easily choose a door according to the place and design options available in different colour combinations. The choice of colour has also shifted from black or grey to many different shades.

Aluminium Slide & Fold Doors

These types of doors are trending in market rapidly. These doors are available in multiple door configurations depending on the workplace or home decor. It provides flexibility which will help in different types of home renovation projects.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

These types of doors will give you a great view of the outdoors. The sliding mechanism of these doors offers the desired ease and convenience. It allows different types of blinds and curtains which will give flexibility in modern sliding designs. Additionally, there is an option to attach tilted windows that will let in fresh air without sliding main door.

Aluminium Casement Doors

The design of these doors generally comes with huge, clear glass panels that are attached to the main frame with hinges which will give you a panoramic view of the surroundings. You will find a modern design and look for your place with these doors. It will also provide good ventilation even when it is raining outside.

Aluminium Lift & Slide Doors

When there is less space to install something large or if there is need to consume some space, then you can install these doors. Sliding doors in themselves have many designs and practical advantages over other categories. The design has no hinged or folds mechanism which makes it easier to operate. The design and mechanism of these doors offer security which is why these doors are highly useful to the homeowners.


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